Armoires coupe-feu pour tableau électrique.

PRIOELEC ES  free-standing electrical cabinets

PRIORIT free-standing electrical cabinets in single-leaf and double-leaf design, suitable for a smoke-tight and fire-resistant separation of electrical distributors in rescue routes (fire load insulation).

The housing is made of non-combustible building material class A2 – s1 d0. As standard, cabinets are equipped with a ventilation system in the rear wall, top and bottom cable entry and a changeable door stop from DIN R to DIN L. The inside dimensions are based on the electro-technical standard distribution panels and mounting plates.


  • Fire resistance of 30/90 min, fire-retardant, fire resistant
  • Classification: suitable for fire load insulation of 30/90 minutes
  • Smoke protection
  • Protection rating according to IP 42
  • Safety class II


  • Empty case with high mechanical and chemical resistance
  •  Ventilation system in the back of cabinet
  • Door can be unhinged for weight reduction during transport
  • Door stop changeable on site, DIN right/left
  • Door closes flush with body, opening angle ca. 180°
  •  2-point door locking device with turning lever and single cylinder
  • Circumferential fire seals automatically expand in the event of a fire
  •  Cable entry top + bottom
  • Cable bulkhead for insertion of single or multiple cables
  • Cable channel on top for 90 minutes fire resistant.
  • Plinth with ground clearance for easy lifting, with removable front panel.
  •  Attachment points for electric installations.
  • Tilt safety device on housing through mounting links at the top.

Material characteristic

  • Building material with surface coating non-combustible, classification A2 – s1, d0d0
  • Standard surface HP laminate is chemically highly stable and moisture-resitant
  • Colour light grey, similar to RAL 7035, edges and bevels in different colour

Dependency of fire classification/ventilation system

  • Fire load insulation of 30/90 minutes by closing the ventilation systemem
  • Fire load insulation, cold-smoke-tight over 30/90 minutes with artificial ventilation and smoke-detector controlled shutter system: EBEL:VENT0 + EBEL:NETZ + EBEL:VENT-RM

PRIOELEC EH  hanging electrical cabinets

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